Cancer & Blood Disorders

Cancer is commonly mistaken for being one disease, but in fact it is a general term covering many distinct diseases. Cancer is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells. Cell reproduction is carefully controlled by the body. However, these controls can malfunction, resulting in abnormal cell growth and the development of a lump, mass, or tumor. Some cancers involving the blood and blood-forming organs do not form tumors but circulate through other tissues where they grow. This variety of cancer types requires a variety of cancer treatments.

Oncology Associates of West Kentucky brings advanced cancer treatments for all cancer types, close to home in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois. Our physicians specialize in cancers involving blood and also for non-cancer blood disorders. Each type of cancer has patterns that may differ from other cancer types. This is why we take a personalized medicine approach because the same disease can often affect one person differently from another.

Because every patient is different and because there are so many variables, different types of treatments are required for each patient and no single cancer treatment is right for everyone. That is why our team customizes cancer treatment plans to meet each patient’s specific condition and requirements.